Rabbit Island: Explore, Build, Conquer!

A new tile-laying modular board game. Play as the leader of a tribe of rabbits competing to develop the most successful civilization!

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About Infinite Heart Games: We are a small indie game company based out of Richmond, VA. We started up in 2014 to design and publish the kinds of games that we like to play — games that can be enjoyed with close friends, games for the fiercely competitive, and games that can challenge you to reach new strategic heights.

Have you played Rabbit Island (renamed from Bunny Island in Dec 2016) at a demo in your area? Please feel free to take the time to review it either on the UnPub Network and/or on BoardGameGeek. You can download the latest rule book download via this link.

We held a successful Kickstarter during the summer of 2017, and are working now toward production in early 2018. Hop over to our Kickstarter Updates to get more information on our progress! Pre-orders will be available again soon!

Thank you for your support and interest!