Traveler's Trunk FAQ

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What is the Traveler's Trunk?

"When offered passage to a fantastical realm, who could say no? But although the Traveler promised free passage across, he said nothing about the return trip... Match your wits with the Traveler else you be stuck in the land of the fairies forever!"

This mobile escape room experience was designed to easily travel to conventions, parties, conference rooms, etc! Wherever you think there might be a great team-building or friendly challenge needed, the Traveler can arrive to create the perfect spooky experience for you!

Team Building and other private event information coming soon!

Signing up for a Game

Teams of 1-4 players (max 4 players) (16+ years old) may play.

Please check out which tickets may still be available by clicking here. We accept payment via PayPal or with any credit/debit card.

Teams of less than 4 players may have other people added to their team.

Players younger than 16 years old may play with a participatory adult.

Game Timing

Each game will run a max of 1 hour.

Players are encouraged to finish their games as quickly as possible! Best finishing times will be posted outside the room.

Party Arrival

All players are expected to arrive for their time slot AT LEAST on time, but preferably up to 5-10 minutes early.

The earlier a party arrives, the more likely they will be allowed into their time slot early, which can help keep our schedule running smoothly.


Each party will provide a contact phone number that the Door Guard will use to ensure that said party is aware that their game is about to start, or any other pertinent information relating to their time slot.

Obviously if a party shows up early enough, there may be little need to use said contact information. All contact information provided will be destroyed after use.

Late Policy

Once a player (or teams of players) are more than 10 minutes late for their time slot, their time slot will be considered forfeit.

Partial Parties Late Policy--

If one or more people out of a party show up after a game has already started, they will NOT be allowed to join the rest of their party. Parties are allowed to wait for their missing people up to 10 minutes past their slated time slot, but their time slot will be forfeit if they do not take advantage of their sign-up time.

Refund Policy

All ticket sales are final; no refunds will be issued.